Lucy Neatby DVDs now available

Just last night, I received my copies of the new DVDs from Lucy Neatby ( These are the first two: Knitting Essentials 1 and 2.  She covers everything a new knitter needs to know, with a lot of tips and techniques for more experienced knitters.  She discusses gauge, cast-ons, cast-offs, seams, cutting into knitting, and much more!  These are very well done in Lucy's clear, concise simple style.  It is very well produced, with clear views of the techniques from the knitter's viewpoint (so necessary to understand what to do) which I particularly liked.

The other two disks, Sock Techniques 1 and 2 should be shipped soon; I particularly want to see these.  Lucy loves doing socks and has some absolutely wonderful designs and techniques she uses.  You really should take a class from her, and get these disks to review everything she has to show you.

Here's an excellent review of the DVDs and I can't add much more to what she says. 

Bill's picture

Thank you for posting about the DVD's... I'm going to order the sock ones when ready... loved her web site... some great stuff...