Knitting A.D.D.?

Anyone else have ADD when it comes to knitting?
I realized today that in the past 5 months I've started a sweater for myself, an afghan for the hubby, a shawl for a friend, a shawl for my mother and a scarf for myself. None of which I have completed... The worse part, every couple days I'm tempted to start something new... bad right? So I've concluded I must have knitting ADD.

Anyone have any tips for combating knitting ADD?

Also, a while back someone posted a link to knitting apps for the iPad/iPod, anyone remember what that was?



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Can't help you with the apps. As for ADD...I try to maintain a strict control on not starting anything new until a current project is done. Not always very successful, but it helps. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I think Knitting A.D.D. is par for the course. I try to reign myself in as best I can. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I don't. I don't remember if anyone posted a link but there are several knitting apps for the iPad/iPhone.

The ones that I have downloaded and use are:

- KnittingHelp
- Knit Daily
- StitchMinder
- Knit Counter

I am sure there are others.

I don't know how many unfinished things I have hiding away that I have forgotten about. I have tried to limit myself to working on at most two items and not starting something else until at least one of the works-in-progress is finished. I most enjoy working on things until the binding off, weaving the ends, blocking, etc. I have a tendency to want to stop as I near the end, because I know what is coming, and quite often it is sheer disclipline that carries me through to completion. But sometimes having a deadline, like a birthday, helps. (Are ADD and multitasking actually synonymous? )


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I don't have ADD but I do have startitis.

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Especially when you are a new knitter, you do tend to start many different projects because it is a new technique. I think you do settle down after you have "matured" as a knitter -- I sure hope so!!

But what we need to do is find a person that likes finishing projects -- and there are knitters like that. It would be the perfect marriage, if you will, that we start them, and the other person finishes them. Everyone is happy in that situation!

Alright... let's form these subdivisions -- who is a starter, and who is a finisher?!

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I think this could be the best new idea of the year, maybe the century.

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If anyone answers "I like to finish projects" be very careful! I head a story once of a woman who went into her LYS and asked if there was anyone there who would finish projects. The shop keeper told her that she did finishing work and the cast was very reasonable something like $25 for a sweater (meaning...front, back and sleeves). The customer was very excited and told her she had a project and dashed to her car and came in with a bag of yarn and and a sweater back that was about 6" long. When the shop owner looked at her in stunned amazement and told her that that would cost about $400 to "finish", the woman threw an unholy fit screaming that the owner was a lair and trying to cheat her and was going to spread the word about the LYS. So for any would-be finishers out there...make it clear that finishing means sewing up and possible a simple blocking.

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I love that idea! I'm definitely a starter. Although I'm being good, I spent most of my day today working on the same project. I'm determined to finish it so I can try the same pattern with a different type of yarn I bought last weekend. My yarn stash is getting out of hand...

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The trick is to always have enough needles...

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Haha, so true. I seem to never leave the craft who without a new pair! And yarn too... But that's a different type of problem... I buy faster than I can knit...