The End of the Teddy?

It looks, as sad as the option is, as if I might have to close up shop on the teddy bears. Its not the first option I had a few days ago when I proudly announced that knitting the teddy bears was going to be my business, my income, my life. However, the math is getting in the way.

I can easily whip up two bears in a day. Takes about 10 hours, no biggie. On some ambitious days I shoot for three….But, those days are few and far between. So, for the sake of what I have to explain, lets start with just one bear a day. Now, I sell my bears on average for $25. Of that amount, $5.00 pays for the cost of the materials. The yarn, the fiberfill, and the occasional safety eyes for certain bears. Another $5.00 goes towards the fees that Etsy and Paypal require. So that leaves me with $15.00 per sale. If I manage to sell one bear per day that yields $450 for the month.


If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to sell two bears a day, bringing up to $900 a month. Which isn’t bad, isn’t brilliant, but not bad at all. I went through a checklist of my living expenses and I can easily get by on about $600 or $700 if I put a little away in savings each month. Thankfully, as poor as I am, I am at least not in debt with a mortgage or car payment. I have no house, I have no car, and no credit card either. So, getting by on limited amounts is not very difficult for me.

However, I can only HOPE to sell at least 1 to 2 bears a day…and what if I don’t? Would I get in trouble again? End up back in the woods 20 miles from everything? That thought terrifies me, scares me to death, and its not an option I am comfortable with.

To those of who that have ordered bears, I have you totally covered. You are fine. And everyone’s bears will be in their new homes by next weekend. But, with that said, there just isn’t any more money to buy more yarn with, more polyfill, and more animal eyes. So, I have the materials I need to finish up the orders I have taken, but I’m not in a position to acquire more materials for more bears and put money towards living expenses. One of those crappy decisions you have to make on occasion. And to be truthful, I hate making the decision.

This is why I haven’t listed a new bear in the last couple of days. I just don’t have the materials right now. I did receive a very gracious donation from a benefactor recently and I was so appreciative of it. I should say, the man I rent the garage from is appreciative of it

So, at this time, I simply cannot list anymore new bears. Solid in my stead at bear number 59.

Maybe things will change. Maybe Oprah or Martha or The Teddy Bear Gods will put other plans in motion and I’ll be back to open my shop.

I’d love to be known as “That Knit Teddy Bear Guy.”

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Darn shame that logistics had to get in the way. Maybe, once you get back on your feet, you can go back to making them for the relaxation and as a source of additional income. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.


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a friend has that's actually quite charming!

I don't usually reply to posts etc. however, I feel inclined to do so, Gregory, this guy is right, if you start knitting dogs that could certainly open a whole new avenue to your passion of knitting and, well, eating and paying the rent. The pet industry is huge and the disposable income that goes into it is not just for food and basics for the pets, people love their dogs and spend millions each year. I have this book and while i still have yet to take on the task of knitting my own dog, it may be worth a try for you to market yourself as the knitted teddy bear guy and the knitted dog guy. Time etc. is a concern you would need to work on a few at a time to make it worth your effort but that way you wouldn't get bored and most people are very patient when waiting for a handmade item, just leave the window open as to delivery times etc. until you know how long it will take. Marc