Hi everyone

New on this site, I like to introduce myself. I'm a 43 yo guy from Holland. Married and father of 4 girls. I'm working on a primary school as a teacher. In my childhood I learned how to knit, what I really liked. Now, for more than 30 years later, I restarted! Wow, it's like meditation! Just knitting a simple scarf, I enjoy the rest it's giving me: no attention to phone, Ipod, tv or whatever. It's de-stressing! And yes, I need that, I am that shy guy, who gets overwhelmed every now and then.
I hope to meet other fellow knitters here, maybe even from Holland or elsewhere in Europe. Knitting is still such a woman-thing here, maybe in the States it's better.
Yeah, I don't dare to knit in public... yet... but, who knows in the future? Ciao!


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Welcome! We are a great community and I hope you find all that you want here. I hope you can start knitting in public in the future but that is totally a personal choice. Enjoy! -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Thanks Joe for your comment. I indeed hope to enjoy this community.

Wouter, welcome to the group! It is always great meeting new people. Jump in and enjoy!



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Welcome, enjoy this friendly site.

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Welcome Wouter! Welcome to the group and welcome to the wide-open world of knitting. I’m new to it myself. It will be two years in August that I first picked up the needles. And what an astounding two years it’s been. The thing I’ve found about knitting is that it seems to be a constant process of learning something new. The learning never seems to stop. It’s a fascinating experience. All the best with it!

Thanks Tom, Kerry and Barrington, nice to hear from other guys here in such a short time.

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Hi Wouter! Welcome!
I am a 37-year teaching veteran. I have taught elementary, middle school, high school, and in graduate programs of literacy at the university level. I have settle in for the past 17 years as a middle school teacher and absolutely adore that age group. Like you, I find knitting quite therapeutic. It's so nice to just get lost in the stitches, even when they aren't correctly done. It's nice to see another educator to the membership here. You'll find all the guys on here to be loving mentors and quite eager to help. I can't imagine enjoying knitting without them. I have never met a group so willing to accept everyone with open arms and hearts. They make up a wonderful family.

If any of us can ever be of help, just let us know!


Hi Mark, Thanks for your comment. Yes, I too love my job. Have workes as manager of a school, but missed the actual teaching thing, so became full time teacher again. Really great thing to do.
I am a absolute beginner in knitting, when I see all your great work. But it doesn't matter, you have to start somewhere. So, I'm grateful for this site and hope to have good contacts here.

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Welcome Wouter.... Welcome to our curious little community. Montreal, Canada here. I'm not sure that knitting is any less a woman's thing here but somehow I have just gotten past caring :-). I was in Holland last summer. I did not knit in public there, but I did knit on the flight over :-) It's not like they could throw me off or anything! Looking forward to hearing about your knitting. - Phil

Hi Phil, thanks for your comment. Here in Holland knitting is definitely a woman's thing, at least for the last century, before that it wasn't! Fishermen knitted when they had spare free time on their ships and knitted their sweaters and caps! I know there are a few men in Holland who knit, don't know them personally. But it's OK, I'm comfortable with knitting here and it is very relaxing to me. My wife and kids aren't suprised at all, so.
Hope you liked it in Holland, where have you been? Our country is small, but I think it has some good places to go and you can't avoid the water :-)!
Ciao, Wouter.