Turkish Sock Collection

All this talk of Anna Zilborg and Fancy Feet made me think of my neighbor's sock collection, which my friend Brenna and I photographed last winter. They're from all over Turkey and in a variety of styles. Most have afterthought heels but not all of them; one (photos 14 and 15) has the "twisty toe" that I used on my 'Mavi Ay' socks. Two of the most interesting to me are the black textured one in 27/28/29 (I think the white and red ornaments were added later), and 40-44, which is not knit but crocheted (Bosnian crochet - entirely slip stitches through one half of the loop. I tried it but I can't crochet to save my life....)

Turkish Socks


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What a stunning collection of photos! And what an amazing collection of Turkish socks. I just read in "Fancy Feet" about a Professor Kenan Ozbel who gathered a collection of Turkish knitting about 40 years ago when he realized that it seemed to be dying out. Here's a quote from the book: "His collection was exhibited in Istanbul, Ankara, Rome, Paris and Finland. It was then divided and given to two museums--the Topkapi Palace Museum and the Bursa Archaeological Museum--to become part of their permanent collections. In recent years, under government orders, Professor Ozbel's collection has been sealed in storage. Seeing it is forbidden. The curator of the museum in Bursa fears that their collection is rapidly rotting away in its cardboard boxes in the basement." I wonder what is up with that!! Forbidden socks? Maybe you better be careful who you show those pictures to, Bob.

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Could the socks "old" references be counter to modern Turkey's headlong tilt to become a member of the European Union?

Fabulous collection of socks.

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Turkey > European Union? Don't hold your breath. More Turks don't want it than do these days.

Özbel: I've seen his book, lots of graphed patterns and photos, but I never heard about the locking up of his collection. that's strange.