Proud is what I am on my first knitting resultaat so far. Probably you wonder why I publish this yet, I'm not finished. But hey, I am knitting and am happy with it! That's why and I am glad to share that. Thanks for reading and the fellowship I experience here. Ciao!

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I like to publish things that are a work in progress as well. I think it's great to have a sense of pride in your work. It looks great!

Thanks, it was an action in enthusiasm. But also because I'm so grateful to meet all you guys here, so recognizable.

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It's fun to see works in progress as well as the finished item.....and the pride is understandable!

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Thanks MMario. I'm grateful for this site, to see there are so many more men who like to knit! Ciao!

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You've got more guts than I do. Man, your stuff looks like it might be boucle, which, if that's true, I NEVER make it that far. I get crazy frustrated with kinky yarns. SO! GOOD JOB! You're well on track!!! YEE HA!

Hey thanks. Such comment is good for my selfconfidence, haha! The yarn is not that easy, but hey, I didn't have the knowledge when I bought it; it was actually rather a kind of survival for me to go to that shop in my town, with all women there! I just grabbed it, payed quickly and went home like a kid who stole a candy bar ;-)! Ciao.