Tick Tack Tocking

Will F. Denney(1860-1908) Sings Tick Tack Tocking Of The Clocking On Her Stocking 1901
a youtube clip of a 1901 recording...


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Hi Bill,
I don't understand what the song is referring to, but the antique phonograph is absolutely beautiful. It is one that could have easily been in Abraham Lincoln's home, or in the farm houses during the time of the Orphan Trains. My neighbor had one like that in their basement which ironically used either metal or bamboo needles. Now we make lovely things out of longer metal and bamboo needles. :)


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I don't understand it either, Mark...but i love the vintage sound...and the pure history of it!

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Ok, so I was intrigued enough to go googling around to see what this referred to. The clocking was a decorative embroidery from the ankle to knee area of the stocking, which would normally be covered by the lady's long skirts and only seen by her intimates. A nice picture is here...http://www.stylebubble.co.uk/style_bubble/2006/07/clocking_your_s.html.

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Thanks, Shawn,
I knew what clocking was...because stockings till have that...it was the rhyming that got me...
...but that article is fascinating!