Managing an afghan during knitting

Hi guys!
I am nearing the 100th row on my afghan and it's getting heavy and bulky. For those of you who have made an afghan all in one piece like mine, how did you manipulate it without suffocating yourself in the bulk of the thing? Did you get a sack to put it in, or do you have another trick that makes handling it easier?
Thanks, men.


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All but one of the afghans I've made have been done in one piece. Once it gets long enough I like to sit with a table or chair in front of me and rest the afghan on the table or chair instead of my lap. That way I only have to wrestle with it when I turn at the end of a row.


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Learning to knit backwards helps as you don't have to turn

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Thanks, Tom. I like the idea of the table. I suppose to make it even easier, I could put it on a table and just move to the opposite chair at the end of the row. I do like to watch TV while I know, so I'll have to figure how to add that to the equation as well.

One of the tricks I use when quilting is to roll up the the finished part of the quilt and tie it up... sort of like tying up a sleeping bag. I used this method when crocheting afghans and it worked well for me, so I would think it would work with knitting as well, just roll up the part that is finished.