Queen Annes Lace

Just started Queen Annes Lace by MMario...I know a lot of you guys have knit it...any advice? Im doing it on DPN's right now in Cobweb weight Merino/Kid Mohair blend. Im trying to get it big enough to move to circulars soon as the DPNS I have are made of metal and rather clunky with this weight of yarn....any suggestions or tips would be appreciated!!!


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The center is the hard part - if you get past that - you;re home free!!!!

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The first few rounds felt horribly clumsy to me as well, and I was using bamboo dpns. Have you looked at the "belly button start"?


I sympathize on the center---makes you feel like you are trying to dress an octopus. The yarn sounds very plummy and luxurious----please send us pictures of it while it is in progress.

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Good luck with this...everybody has great things to say about MMario's designs. I keep planning on knitting one but never seem to get the time. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Do your utmost to avoid "tinking" back to correct knitting errors.....mohair is a b**** to "tink". Count , count, count, and use ring markers. Mario's patterns are fun to knit.

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You could try doing it magic loop or on 2 circs until it gets big enough to put on one.