Addi Turbo Video

Have a look at this for a smile:

Looks like the Germans are going for the male knitter market.


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That's a FUN video!!! Good for Addi!!!

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OMG - that is amazing! I posted it on Facebook! :-)

Think less, enjoy it more.

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Thanks Jesse for a morning chuckle. I do wish I could knitthat

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Cute vid.

Skacel has been promoting male knitters for quite some time. I have an old Addi poster on my wall that has three smiling teenage males knitting. The big banner across the top says "Boy Group".

On the other hand, in the commercial, the guy with the straight needles wastes a lot of time that could be used for actually knitting. Sort of undercuts the ad's focus on how speedy Turbos are.

It's a also a pet peeve of mine when people that are supposed to be knitting aren't actually doing it. (And these two guys aren't faking it very well, either.) I blame the director (I bet s/he doesn't knit!).

Anyhoo, I love my Addi's and am all for seeing guys knitting as often as possible.

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I guess the point was to show that circulars (in particular Addis) are much faster than the old regular straight needles. However, you are right, I was dismayed by the fact that they certainly did NOT know anything about knitting, and it was very off-putting. I guess the Addis guy was supposed to be old or something (maybe arthritic) but I didn't understand his movements. Oh, well. Ads usually are over my head anyway.