Knitting prank pulled on Julia Roberts

This is pretty cute... Maybe some of the guys were hooked though?

Larry Crowne - "Knitting with Julia"


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That's so great Frank!!! I had read about the story somewhere, but it's awesome to see the video. Thanks for sharing! I'll embed the video for you so the guys can stay here...

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Thanks, Frank! That was good. That's the first time I've ever seen movie stars on a YouTube knitting video. They should make more of them...

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What would have been even funnier would have been if some of the men actually knew how to knit and made considerable progress during the event! Thanks for sharing it with us, Frank.

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I love this video. Saw it at my LYS last week. Julia should do some youtube knitting videos.

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Was curious to know how she knit... starting around 3:15 it looks like you can see her knitting English. Pretty good too!