Better Late than Never

I had planned to post yesterday. It was on my list of to do items for my first day off work. Yes, every Thursday morning in the quiet hours of work I tend to sit and make my list of "stay awake" projects. But somehow I had forgotten that I had scheduled myself some afternoon training appointments. After a particularly bad experience when I worked both ICU and the local zoo where in an exhausted state I managed to not be able to react fast enough to an owl got myself footed nicely, I try to make sure I get some sleep before handling animals. So, I made a point of sleeping the morning away so I could get up and go work with other peoples dogs. Unfortunately that cut into my morning blog posting and photography time.

To combat this, I got up early this morning and got a pie baked, and using morning light some pictures taken. Now here I sit getting a post together wondering about why I'm stressing about a self imposed time table. I have truly forgotten how much I don't care for making pie crust. I don't know why. It's not truly a chore, but I have never cared for it. That's why I opted for the "Dutch" apple pie that doesn't require the top crust. Just makes my life a little easier. It's also why I often go the cobbler route over the pie option as well.

Please don't mind the dusty cook top. I've worked all week and haven't used it. I am still amazed by how dusty Wyoming is. You leave for a week and come home to find everything with a coating of dust that makes it appear you've been gone for months.
And I have a question for all the other cooks out there. Are you ever amazed at the prep time listed on recipes? I am always staggered and wonder what world these people live in. I know it takes me more than 10minutes to peel, core and slice enough apples for a pie, combine the cinnamon, sugars, and nutmeg into it, prep my crust and stuff a pie. And this is not the first time I've noticed these times that I typically need at least half again to twice as much time with. And I cook regularly. I'm not a dolt in the kitchen. I'm not a chef by any means, but I make edible and occasionally fantastic food. Admittedly there have been failures in the kitchen as well. But I am always curious where they get those approximate prep times.

And... Baby Hats. About time I got caught up from my knitters block. I try to make a few a month, but failed in July which with traveling and a lot of other time constraints, was a very busy month for myself. But I got July and Augusts quotas filled and heading out the door tonight.

Being Friday, I hope you all have a great weekend.


The baby hats are looking fine and I want some of that pie-top crust or not.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

I was a professional cook in a past part of this life and I also often wonder where those prep times come from...My best guess is that they time the prep cook who slaves in the back kitchen and shave off minutes to make it look impressive. [I, too, wish for a slice of pie BTW. Looks scrumptious.] -- Great looking baby hats. But I have always been in awe of what you've done with them, amazed at the huge variety of styles, designs, patterning, etc. that you come up with randomly. [Of course, I know better but it sure seems that way.]

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Such nice hats.
As to prep times, I'm a home cook, not a professional, but a good cook (even bake my own bread) and have cooked for almost 50 years and still wonder about prep times. I thought it was just me being slowwww, but now I'm convinced they have a prep fairy beavering away before the cook gets involved. Perhaps if the recipe included the real prep time we would be dissuaded from trying it. One thing I have given up on is recipes that have a list of ingredients as long as my arm.

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Maybe the prep times are assuming you have one of those crank apple corers/peelers? Making a pie crust takes at least 10 minutes. And good pie crusts aren't usually very neat; they're crumbly and fall apart easily. So I can see the lack of enthusiasm! (On the other hand...when the weather gets a little chilly the smell of an apple pie baking is worth it to me!) I wouldn't have noticed the dust if you hadn't mentioned it. Not sure I could see it anyway!

Love the hats!