FYI - online Gansey classes

Liz Lovick will be offering some online courses on Ganseys

The first workshops starts on 7th October on the Traditional Knitting Yahoo list

Then in January it will be repeated on the EZasPi list

she says regarding the classes:

"will be looking at the patterns used on some of the fishermen's sweaters round the UK, along with some of the the history and fables associated with ganseys. ... there will be patterns posted, and ideas for making them your own. ... the patterns will start small, and work up to a gansey itself, both in the traditional 5 ply and the aran weight often used here in Orkney."

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I joined this group and have been following this gansey workshop and am finding the information on ganseys both fascinating and informative. Some of the information Liz has shared has answered some general technical knitting questions I've wondered about. I am not doing the projects but rather printing off and reading the materials posted on the site. I'm keeping all these materials as they are very professional and worthwhile. Thanks, Mario, for letting us know about this workshop.

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Liz has posted the first file for this in the EZasPI group:

first files in the Files section of the site. To get there, go to the home page, and click on the word Files on the left
hand side of the page. That will take you to the Files page
(suprise!!). there you will find a folder labelled Gansey Workshop.
Click on that and you will find the first files.

These file contains a list of some of the projects along with ideas of
the sort of yarn you might want to use, needles etc. It also gives
the URLs of some suppliers of 5 ply gansey yarn on both sides of the
pond. You do not have to buy special yarn, but you have plenty of
time should you want to.

EZasPI home page

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