men who knit in uk meet up

im new here , so hi everyone .
i was just wondering if there are ever any events where the uk members here ever meet up to discuss ideas , pass on tips , or just have a laugh

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Hey Russ, I'm not in the UK, but did want to say hi, and welcome from another newbie.


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Hi Russ,
I'm in Manchester, you?

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Earlier this year was the first UK Men's Knitting Retreat and I understand there will be another next year. It was a three day event in Wales. It was a fantastic event! Obviously, it's only an annual event but worth considering.

Ravelry also has a Men Who Knit UK group, actually maybe a few!

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HI Russ, hello from San Francisco, California. Welcome to our group.

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Welcome Russ,
Along with IamKnitGuy, I went to the Mens Knitting Retreat in Wales. I agree it would be in your best interest to join the Ravelry group for the BritKnit Men of UK (link below). There are a few discussions regarding the retreat and knit-ups. The one in March was a whole lot of fun. Great guys, beautiful Welsh countryside and plenty of Food and Drink... and yarn.