ProjectOne: Completed

CloseUp of Scarf


So it's taken me some time, but my first knitting project is finally complete! Here are some pictures.

The scarf is pretty long - I prefer long scarves to the ones that refuse to stay wrapped around your neck. Its final dimensions are: 65.5" x 8.5". That should definitely keep me warm this winter!

My second project is now well under way. It's another scarf, but a little more complicated. I am attempting a pattern designed in memory of Matthew Shepard by Myrna Stahman (perhaps you've heard of these two scarves.) I am trying the "Matt" pattern. It seems to be turning out pretty well, I mean it's not perfect, but I'm still no pro at knitting. But I will definitely be sure to share my progress on that one with you all. Of course, with school back in session I'm going to lose a bit of time to work on knitting :-(


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Congrats on first project. Great work. You must have a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Thanks for telling us about the Matthew Shepard patterns. I hadn't come across them before.

Great job!  Lovin the color too.  The Mat pattern looks really nice.  Good luck.


Looks great and ditto on the color-lovin. Be careful or you'll get hooked on this knitting thing. :)

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The colour is great - very rich - and the execution doesn't seem to be lacking anything either! You are off and running - just don't run with scissors!

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I agree with all of the above. I really like the colour and your stitches are nice and neat. Keep us posted on the progress of your latest scarf. The pattern looks good and cant wait to see the finished product.

Nice to see you are getting into this knitting malarky.

All the best