Windows 7 is whuppin' my *ss

I've spent the last two weeks trying to get windows 7 to work on my new computer. Finally gave up today and handed it over to a co-worker to sort out. How to feel totally incompetent - as this is *my job* .....

I want to hide under a rock.


Chalk up another victory to Bill Gates.

If I were paranoid, I would say it is a plot hatched by all the bosses, worked through Microsoft, to make sure no IT person ever asks for another raise.

But I am not paranoid, or at least not so paranoid.. Struggle on. Once you get Window's 7 to work, it is a big improvement.


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i try never to allow things computer folks invent to make me feel stupid. seems to me, if they're so smart, their entire obligation is to make us, the consumer, feel smarter, not the other way around

we put birds on things