I've been invited to lead a couple of knitting workshops, first twined knitting in Stockholm and next month lace knitting in Uppsala, and am having a lot of fun preparing material and swatches.

Not to mention sort of relearning the techniques (studying and finding the words for what my hands do more or less automatically by now) to be able to explain them well.

It's so rewarding adding new aspects to my knitting - and to think I hardly even knew any other knitters only some five years ago! There's no way I would have guessed I'd make a lot of knitter friends to share and discuss knitting with.

Well, I'm sure you know the feeling - but I just can't believe how much my knitting life has changed the past few years!


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Congratulations, Ivar. I sure wish I could sit in on them. I know you will do a lovely job. For those of us who follow your blog, we know how well you explain things in English. Imagine what you can do in Swedish!!

And you're right about knowing other knitters. How lucky we are to have this forum in which we can share our succeses, our failures, and clear up doubts.

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Your work is so beautiful, they're lucky to have you as their teacher!

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Thanks, Ron - always supportive and encouraging! And Bill too :-)


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Congratulations. It does make for an interesting side to being a knitter when you teach; I relearned so much by preparing classes and I rethought my whole approach to yarn and needles from the experience. I feel that learning happens for the teachers as well as the students, going both ways.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Good luck with your workshops, I'm sure you'll have as exciting a time as your fortunate participants.

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You are a great teacher, we took a class with you at the First MFKR at Point Bonita, and you are a great teacher. Congratulations!