Coming out of lurkdom

This is my first blog post. I've been knitting up a bunch of scarves for a craft festival this weekend. Here are some pics.

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BrentGC's picture

Beautiful scarves, Rob. I love the way the colors seem to flow in and out.


rob7086's picture

Thanks, Brent. I'm using a variegated rayon boucle yarn.

Kerry's picture

Enjoy your retirement Rob. Lovely colours on your scarves.

akkamaddi's picture

Very nice!

May I ask the pattern? It looks like a row of [yo, k2tog], alternating with a row of knits or purl.

rob7086's picture pretty much got it. [k2tog, yo], alternating with a row of knit.

chipsir's picture

These are lovely, ab solutely beautiful colours!

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I was going to ask about the yarn but you already answered about it. Very interesting scarves.

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