Up to no good

Well, actually I've really just been up to knitting. Some of it's not all that good, but some of it is decent if I do say so myself. All most all of it recently has been Christmas knitting. Yeah yeah, I'm not normally this prepared but I decided to try giving preparedness a try this year.

First, I was able to get the Echo Flower Shawl completed. I now have a drawer of Christmas Shawls done. It feels weird having such a drawer full of large knitting projects actually complete. Well, before a week prior to Christmas anyway.

The shawl was done using a Bamboo/Cotton blend from The Great Adirondack Knitting Co. It is a very soft and drapy item though it's not wanting to hold it's blocking well. I'm going to have to re-block before giving time and add starch I think. I aggressively wet blocked it and steamed it the first time. Any suggestions?

Oh, and on the note of suggestions, I played with my settings again trying to get comments to play nice. I was speaking with some friends at knit night that also blog on blogspot and they to have been having some issues. Anyway, shoot me an email at gmail if you still can't leave comments like many of you have.

Back to the warm fuzzy's though. I can only discuss electronic world issues for so long before the irritation rises. I'm also making thick socks for some other members of the family. Those that aren't getting shawls. The guys side of the family are ranchers and this spring there was a conversation regarding frost bitten toes so I thought I'd give thick socks a shot to see if they help at all. If they are well received and seem to help I will probably give thrummed socks a shot next year. The first set of socks will probably be done today, and I will just have four more pairs and figure out something else out for my own mom and brother.

The pattern is from Elizabeth Zimmerman. I believe it is titled "Huntsman's Socks". I have her book The Opinionated Knitter has the original publication of the pattern. It's a simple sock on a larger gauge and as most of her patterns go, it's wonderfully adaptable to different gauges, yarn types and variation. I would suggest, and may use it as a beginning sock pattern for anyone who would like to learn sock knitting. They go fairly fast and is a straightforward easy to follow pattern. As usual EZ, you were a leader in the woolie world.

I hope you all have a great day. It's time for me to go shower and pretend to be motivated today. There's a wide world out there just waiting for me.


Great looking shawl and even greater SOCKS. I like knitting sock better tah anything---am glad to see that you are a Fan of Elizabeth Zimmerman----I generally refer to her as Saint Elizabeth, patron saint of knitters.

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I find the great thing about EZ patterns are that they are so easily adjusted for your own varients. Thats why even though they can be dated in their published state, the knitter can make their own style updates to still make a fantastic finished item taht is practical and functional. It's just proof to her status as goddess and her design work for creating amazing foundations that leave us later generations more to build upon. But on that note, her patterns lack of preciseness that i live to play with, others who need exact instructions find very frustrating.

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Wonderful colors in both the shawl and the socks! Nice....


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Thanks Brent. I'm still just not a varigate fan. Oh well, it's not for me so I'll survive.

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Yes, indeed, those items look as nice in photos as in person. As to easy sock patterns...you've not seen mine, adapted from another writer. Just like EZ's pattern, it is quite adaptable to any type of yarn and needle. [Then again, maybe you have - just in the house sock incarnation.] ETA: Almost forgot...a mild starching may prove helpful with the shawl. Can't hurt to try it.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I have seen the house sock incarnation. Remember, when you taught that one of my classes over lapped at the sheep once. Several of my beginning students who had finished 101 through 103 took it on urging from Charlotte and i for basic sock know how.

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You are so right. Sorry to forget that. I hope to do another basic class but it will have to wait and see who 'll set one up. But, we talked that over with Alena last week. Time will tell.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Love the shawl! Great color and texture. My feelings, embrace the character of the fiber. It looks soft, warm and inviting as it is and it has a lovely antique worness about it - let it be. I'm sure it will be well received.

Love the socks too. Do block your socks? I used to think, what a waste of time, unitl, on a whim, I bought a set of sock forms. Once blocked they looked so professional and flawless that now I have small, medium and large forms and block all my socks.

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I wash my socks but leave them laying flat to dry. Mainly i'm a granolish kinda guy and like the hand made look to many things. I also prefer my own socks snug so i don't want to shape them in a way that will aleve the snug factor. Perhaps dor gifted socks though i may begin blocking

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Beautiful job with the shawl and your socks are looking good too. I have yet to wash and block anything I have made, so I have no valuable tips for better blocking methods. Your local yarn store might have some tips for you. Keep up the good work. Happy knitting and creating....Cullen