I'm using this product for the first time. Evidently rinsing isn't necessary which is nice if your concerned about conserving water or saving time. Aquae is the scent I purchased and it is very nice. I'll get back with you once the piece comes off the blocking rack (my 2nd floor hallway).


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Ok... I have to ask... "waters" scented? It's scented like water?

What perfume does it really use? Or is it unscented?

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I use soak regularly. It's a decent product and does leave a delicate scent behind. I prefer the citrus but the aqua was a not unpleasant fresh scent.

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Where do you get this product?


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OK, this is it, and it turned out fine. The scent isn't strong at all - I can hardly detect it. I like not having to do all of those rinses though. The pattern is called Wheat Ear and I found it in a 1940s knitting booklet called "Knitting Knowledge - 100 Stitched Old and New" it's knit in Panda Cotton which is actually 59% bamboo.

I bought the Soak on line from Eat. Sleep. Knit. It was a pretty reasonable price as this stuff goes.

And to answer the what does the scent smell like question, I would say it's kind of a fresh tangy smell however if my tap water smelled like that I wouldn't want to drink it. By the way, Soak does come scent free as well.

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That's a nice pattern. Hmmm.....I should look through my vintage books to see if I have it. Great looking scarf.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I use Soak all the time as well. The aquae is also my personal choice, though I'd describe the scent as a very subtle cologne smell. It certainly seems the most masculine out of all the choices.
I would also suggest letting it soak as long as you can stand; at least 15 minutes. Letting it take its time can make even a coarse wool feel soft (as long as it isn't knit at too tight of a gauge).