Decisions decisions - help needed

Which resting project shall I restart? I can't decide so I am throwing myself open to the fates. What is your view? The Jared Flood Girasol circular throw of the Kaffe Fasset fair isle coat?

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Since you just finished a sweater (nice work by the way) i would suggest the throw.

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I'm with Q. The throw would be a great project!


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Work on them both!
...just alternate neither one becomes a chore...

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Both are quite nice...but I think you should finish the Girasol first with breaks to work on the Fasset as a change of pace. - Only because the throw seems the closest to being done.

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The Kaffe Fasset can't be fair aisle, the most important requirement for fair isle is that it be tacky. lol! Anyway, I'm excited to see them both finished so I vote for working on them alternately.