Questions for a Friday

Hallo! Haven't posted in a while but have been lurking about. ;-]

Haven't really finished anything, too darn hot in central CA to knit in the summer.

I have a couple questions for a Friday:

a) What knitting apps do you recommend or not recommend? I'm iphone specific, but if you have an Android app opinion, I'm sure someone would find it useful.

b) What system do you use to organize your paper patterns? I'm starting to get to the point where this is a concern, and for the moment putting things in hanging file folders under "sweaters", "scarves", etc. Anyone have a really boffo filing system?

Thanks! Have a great weekend.


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Hi Matt,
The one app that I use a lot and have shown it to several people in my LYS's employees and customers is called "Knit Evenly." The app is cheap and makes increasing or decreasing X number of stitches across a row so much easier and faster than dragging out paper, pencil, calculator, and the instruction book. With this app you put in the number of stitches on your needle (works with circular knitting or flat knitting) and the number of stitches you want to increase or decrease, hit the calculate button, and instantly you have two options. The options are 1. easy to remember, 2. more evenly distributed. And the best thing about either option is that the app walks you through the entire row and once you finish one part of the instructions, you touch the screen and it highlights the completed section, so if the doorbell rings or you get interrupted you know exactly where you were, and where to start. I'm not quite twice your age and I just got myself an I-phone in May and I have used this app right from the get-go without any problems. I just looked to see what the down load costs.....$1.99. Best money I've spent on an app for my knitting hobby.

I keep my patterns that I purchase, download, or photocopy organized in three ring binders. I put the patterns in Avery sheet protectors then in the appropriate ring binder labeled: Shawls, Sweaters, dishclothes , socks, hats, scarves, etc.

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Cool, thank you for the recommendation!

Right now paper patterns are going in hanging folders along the same lines. Am probably going to date patterns and either pitch or scan & pitch if they haven't been made in X amount of time.

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I agree with keeping patterns electronically, It just keeps me so much more organized.

I really enjoy cabled patterns, but find the charts can slow me down. I forget where I found it, but a web site showed how to set up Excel for knitting patterns (and there was a download of a font of knitting stitches). I will rechart the repeat into excel and then I color code the cables, with makes it easier for me to keep track where in the row I am working and which cable pattern I need to do.


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Three ring binders with document sleeves for the paper stuff but you've made me feel completely irrelevant. I didn't even know there were knitting apps for your smart phone - I'm still saving up for a charting program for my ancient (2 year old) and incredibly cumbersome lap top.

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You are not irrelevant! Low tech is often a perfectly viable option!

Anymore, a computer is ancient by the time you get it home from the store. My desktop is at least 5 years old, so don't feel bad about your laptop.

I know what a chart is, how does a charting program relate to that?

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I don't know. It seemed relevant at the time.

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Have you looked at "Intwined Studio"?
...I think it's still only $42.
...and it write written instructions as you chart, or charts as you write...
And if you correct either the chart or written automatically corrects the other!
...and they have a ravelry group...

I live in a REALLY low-tech household and them damned carrier pigeon just aint makin it with knitting.