First finished scarf

This was the first knit project I started, and one of the first I finished. The yarn (yes, cheap acrylic, but I'm glad I learned on that) and needles (size 10) were both gifts from a friend switching to crochet. (Actually, the herringbone scarf I've posted is for her.) It is all done in bamboo stitch with a garter edging. It's about 7' long, which is about what I wanted.

I started on the cheap aluminum needles, but the dye started wearing off and my scrap yarn was turning weird colors. I got a pair of Quicksilver needles, which I utterly loathe. I ended on bamboo, which I'm now using on another scarf.

And *this* is why passing stitches over is no longer intimidating. ;-)

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That's a nice looking scarf. Good blend of color and pattern.

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Beautiful scarf!! I'm like you, as I'm getting into purchasing needles, I'm finding that I love the bamboo needles. Metal and plastic needles feel cold to me, and I love the warmth that I feel from the bamboo needles. ( I love textures!) the scarf, and great job!


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Very nice and I love the color and texture even if it is acrylic. Bamboo needles are the best to learn on in my opinion, that's all I used when I first got back into kitting several years ago. I found that their slower action gave me much better control so I made fewer mistakes. After about four years of it and having collected almost every imaginable size I discovered Addi Turbos. They are nickle plated brass and the action is much faster but control is more difficult. They have sharper points then bamboo which can be very helpful as well. When I first started using them I made lots of mistake more then I ever did with bamboo but eventually I go used to them and it's hard to go back to the bamboo now. Just something to keep in the back of your mind as you progress.

Oh, by the way, my first knit project off the needles was too horrible to even show to my mother. So, great job. Really!

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I second what Scott says. I started out on bamboo and wood but Addi Turbos are all I use now. It's something to consider down the road. Beautiful scarf by the way. It doesn't look remotely like a first project. Well done!

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Nice looking scarf.

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Nice scarf and very good even stitching.

Dang, I'm gonna have to get myself some Addy Turbos when I'm back stateside! (Here the best we can get is Pony brand...they're not bad but I haven't heard anyone raving about them anywhere either. :)

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Great first scarf! Mine had all kinds of ragged edges, and was nowhere near as clean as that.
As for needles, I still use bamboo for most yarns, but when I'm working with fuzzy stuff I like the metal ones. I always feel like I'm going to break the cashmere or whatever delicate material I am using with the bamboo. Also, I hate working with acrylic material, and only use it to practice a new trick or try something out (like crocheting, which I experimented with for the first time last night). Great work!