Sewing Rib Edge to Rib Edge

I'm finishing up a project that calls for me to sew a separate 1x1 rib piece to another piece that was started in a 1x1 rib. So I basically need to sew a 1x1 rib edge to another 1x1 rib edge.

I am in essence adding 2 shoulder straps to make a high-waisted (basically sitting at the top of the chest) "overalls". The garment is for a baby so I want to use the smoothest finishing technique. I've never sewn a rib to a rib. I searched the web and read some of my technique books but can't find any explanations on the best way to sew the pieces together.

Any help and/or links to illustration how tos would be greatly appreciated.


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I almost never sew anymore as I tend to knit most things in the round and, therefore, do more cutting than sewing. However, that being said, I would sew these two pieces together in the followint manner: take a stitch in one side, take a stitch in the other and pull them gently together. I find sewing them from the public side usually ends up better and I make sure to follow only one row of stitches no matter what.

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you can basically kitchener them together.

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You might have known what you meant by "sewing a piece to another piece", but it is not too clear to me. Does that mean that you are sewing one ribbing to another along the side, or end to end? These are different things and require different methods.

If you are trying to graft two ribbings together, you are going to find that they don't work well in that you are going to be out by one-half stitch. The only way it will work is if you graft the end of a rib to the beginning of a rib. You CAN do a special 3-stitch bind-off that comes pretty close to a perfect join.

If you are simply making a seam to join two ribbings, then the mattress stitch is probably the least conspicuous.

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I find it easier to sew ribs together if the number of stitsches are uneven. Then the piece starts with a gartherstitch (?) and is followed with 1K and 1P.