Shawl for my sister in law

Been knitting flat out to get this finished for Thanks Giving this weekend as my sister in law will be visiting. Made three pies and a doz butter tarts today so have a jump on dinner for Sunday, we are having a dozen or so family to the farm (Iknow have 7 chickens) so I call it "The Farm" lol.

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Another beautiful lace piece added to the MWK archives. Beautiful work Sir. I hope she loves it.

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Truly lovely!

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That is gorgeous Dennis. I know it will be appreciated. Now, how many of those chickens will survive Thanksgiving?? That is what I am having on Monday as none of us care for turkey. Hope your Thanksgiving dinner is successful and happy.

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LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will all survive (7of them) I am partial to turkey and besides my girls are going to be good layers lol, no pun intended. I named them after my 6 sister-in-laws the 7th one belongs to a friends daughter.

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Is the pattern available somewhere? This is just beautiful. Excellent work!

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I think I got the original off Ravelry, but made it much larger and added beads. It was off Ravelry "Ethereal Triangle" and it is free!!!!!!

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What an elegant shawl! Look so light too - bet it feels like wearing warm air.

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It is light as a feather, CLasic Elite "Silky Alpaca", I continue my love affair with Alpaca lol.

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What an absolutely beautiful shawl.

I also noticed your blocking board. Is that made of those tiles that you can buy for kid's play areas? Awesome idea!

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yes it is, I got tired of using a bed lol

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Extremely nice, Dennis. I'm sure she'll appreciate it - along with the chicken dinner.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Beautiful shawl Dennis, your SIL will love it.

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Fantastic job on the shawl. You really created a stunningly beautiful piece!

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Great work Dennis - I have to admit I share your love affair with does my wife! did know you have another month before Thanksgiving right?


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Thanks but here in Canada we celebrated TG last weekend lol, and she just loved it.

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Hmmm...perhaps another good reason to be Canadian - you get to separate the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays a bit further...makes you actually want to see some of those family members again!


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Dennis, simply stunning!


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BEAUTIFUL shawl Dennis!!! I love alpaca lace too!