EZ's Seamless Hybrid Sweater

Recently I finished EZ's Seamless Hybrid Sweater using four skeins of Briggs & Little sport weight wool in Fir Green 63 on 3.5mm circs, knitted from the bottom up in the round.

This was a real learning curve for me as it was the first time I've used the Percentage System that Elizabeth Zimmermann used. So much depends on getting accurate body measurements and gauge before starting, even so I would use this method again.

I'm happy with the shoulders and sleeves but the body is too big and the neckline has a squarish look even though I re-knitted it on smaller needles.


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Very Nice Kerry. I wonder how long ago EZ came up with this pattern, yet it does not look dated.

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Thanks Jim. The pattern is from her book Knitting without Tears, first copyrighted in 1971 but she was probably using it before then.

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That's exactly the way I like sweaters to fit and it looks great on you and I'm being totally honest not just warm and fuzzy - it really becomes you. Man, I wish I could get into knitting sweaters.

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Thanks Scott, it's very comfortable and no-fuss, I'd have preferred it a little smaller, but it is better than the first time I knitted it to the armholes before trying on and it was too tight.

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A real classic, Kerry. And I agree. I think it looks great on you. I rather like the neck as I don't like a tight suffocating neck. Wonderful work. I use EZ's PS for all sweaters I make.

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Thanks Ron, I'm converted to her PS after this. Next I want to try the Contiguous Method knit from the top down, there is a group on Ravelry.

This was the first sweater that I ever knitted---and became a devoted follower of EZ. Knitting Without Tears was my first knitting book and remains the one that I refer to most. I DID make a major modification, though, in that I made the bottom in 3 inches of K2P2 ribbing rather than the hem version. ANYHOW, you are looking good in that sweater!!!!

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That IS a great sweater!!! Love the color, and it fits great.

The sweater looks fantastic, as do you in it. I think the collar looks good and comfy as is, but if you really don't like the collar, you might want to do what I do: tubular cast-on in the round the entire number of neck stitches. After the set-up rows that tubular cast-on requires, do k1p1 ribbing for the required length of the collar. Then graft (Kitchener) the collar onto the (live) neck opening stitches. The tubular cast-on creates a tight but elastic edge, which would tend to pull-in the collar and make it look round.

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Thanks for the tip. What a great idea.

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Thanks for the tip Dan.

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I really like it!

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Thanks that was very interesting and I love the sweater. It looks like one I could wear around everywear. I love sweaters and as I haven't tried to knit one yet I ordered the book and as soon as it cimes in I am going to give it a try. Again thank you.

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Well I think it looks great Kerry. I'm working on her saddle shouldered one now - I dod make a cardigan for a friend but ended up doing it twice as the first one was way too small.

Hope you're doing well


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Great looking sweater, Kerry. Looks very nice on you and I personally like the collar but, after all, it is your sweater. Is there a way you can take it out and redo it?

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I've tried that Joe, now I've decided to live with it.

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Silly me...I read that in the posting but totally spaced it. Sorry.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Kerry, very nice.

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Great jumper, Kerry! It looks great on you. I love the collar. I've wanted to do a square collar as they look so nice and are different. Well done, you!

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I agree that it looks great, but I hear you on the learning curve. I figure it's still good, and the next one will be even more to your taste, now that you know.

But then again, not all sweaters are created equal. I just finished a sweater vest that came off pretty nicely, but because it is dressier than the previous one I made, I find myself afraid to wear it on certain occasions, lest it become overworn and ragged. So I'll save the 'nice' one for going out, and I wear the baggier one at home... all the time. And that's not so bad, after all.

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Smart looking jumper Kerry! The color suits you very well! I've knit this pattern before and cut the front for a cardigan. It fit the recipient quite well—especially in the shoulders.