Very simple - Very warm - but not my best

Hi all - it appears my brain disorder created confusion when knitting what should have been a very simple lap throw. It's not bad, and I'm sure the lady I made it for will enjoy it's warmth. It's a simple stockinette stitch, but when finished drop every 5th stitch (leaving 4 stockinette stitches). Then I picked up the stitches on the outside and did a modified (no bobble) Jared Flood Juneberry Triangle shawl border. Somehow I ended up having one end perfect and the other end with fewer repeats of the border. So it ends up looking a bit like a tombstone shape when blocked, but sort of curls after blocking. So, I'm thinking she'll think it's a perfect cocoon shape for tucking around her feet. Certainly not what was intended - oh well. The woman I made it for had a stroke a year ago and is fairly functional but can't communicate well. So she watches a lot of TV and needs something to keep her warm as the weather gets cooler.

As for the brain disorder - I have Zombie Zone periods where I will sleep for 2-6 days straight, only waking when someone drags me out of bed to eat, drink, go to the bathroom. I am still being tested to see what's up (nothing abnormal showed up on the MRI) but I met with the neurologist yesterday who wants me to be hospitalized for 24 hours when I go into my Zombie Zone to see what they see going on. So my wife will have to figure out some way to drag me to the car and load me to take me to the hospital.


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You're way too modest - very cool pattern well executed.

I'm sorry to hear about your malady but I'm also interested in your diagnosis. Please keep us posted - I hope they figure it out soon. Nothing on the MRI is great news, no masses or bleeds. I'll add you to my prayers.

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Thanks for the prayers (and the compliment).


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I think that looks pretty darn cool, Rick. Good luck with the testing and know there's a bunch of folks here who are thinking good thoughts for you.

All of my most POSITIVE thoughts are channeled in your direction. I have never seen a large piece with the dropped stitch motif before. I like the lattice-work look of it. Thanks for the insipiration.

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My body reacts to anything wrong (mental or physical) by sleeping it off - so zombie periods seem perfectly normal to me.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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It's good to know that I'm in good company.


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Sending best thoughts and regards. I like the lap robe. You shouldn't worry too much over the uneven repeats...Sharon Miller notes that it happened all the time in Shetland work, especially for personal use.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Good luck with your health condition, we humans are complex creatures. Nice looking harp. And I'm sure the rug will keep your friend warm.

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I hope you find some relief with your health Rick! I think the throw is lovely and an innovative use of the Juneberry border. I'm knitting the Juneberry right now and the border seems like it's never going to end!!!