Socks for mom

When I first started doing socks, I was only doing worsted-weight things, mostly based on the Thuja pattern. Mom got two pairs but later I "graduated" to fingering weight yarn and decided it was time I made her a pair out of it. I decided to use some yarn that I dyed myself. It was supposed to be denim blue-violet and deep "navy purple," but the darker color came out more of a khaki. Odd - probably a mislabeled dye. But I liked the result.

What I DIDN'T like was that even though I painted the two skeins side-by-side, one came out darker. I think it was just a case of more dye on one than the other. It wasn't so obvious on the balls, but when I started knitting the second sock it was fairly clear to see. (I will say the picture makes it more obvious than it is...and see if you all believe that!) ;)

The pattern is Simple Skyp Socks, available free on Ravelry. It's an easy, fun stitch to do, and one that I plan on using more in other combinations. Too bad it's not reversible; it would make a great scarf.

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Very nice socks, Bob. Too bad you didn't catch the slight color difference beforehand, you could've worked the two yarns at intervals to make up a "design element." Keep up the great work.

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Yes, had I noticed it, I would have done the cuffs in the darker shade (which I prefer and which are the most visible part) and continued in the lighter. Coulda, woulda, shoulda....I figure they'll fade closer after a few times in the wash.

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Could be. I guess it's what you can call a set of socks, rather than a pair.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Very nice!