Knitting Season. Well, aren't they all?

First Jack O'Lantern of the year! I'm so excited!
Mainly for these. I love roasted pumpkin seeds. I think I love roasting them and how they make the house smell almost as much as eating them.
Damn cats always getting in the way.

The inside of the idea I had to seal off the hole for the air conditioner. Last year we wrapped the unit in place but it still leaked a lot of heat and wouldn't stay covered in the wind no matter the amount of duct tape used.
And the outside. Originally I didn't think to hard about it and accidentally put the wing nuts outside before realizing that meant anyone could unscrew it and shimmy through the hole. Of course, then they'd have to tango with the dogs. Maybe I should have left it and set up a web cam?

As I was about to clean off the counter for the last picture I realized that it kind of summed up my world. Cooking and always messing with something. I thought fresh roasted pumpkin seeds along with work gloves, eye protection, weather stripping and carpenter's pencils showcased my weekend to the T.

I've been cranking out Christmas socks in a vain attempt to get all Christmas knitting done by Halloween. I know, all knitters reading this are shaking their heads and mumbling to themselves "crazy boy, time to take those medications". I'm in the thick of pair 6 of 8. Thankfully the last two pairs are smaller sizes. I'm working on a womens size 8 and have a size 8 EEE mens and a womens 4 1/2 left still. I tried to get the big ones out of my way becuase I knew I would be getting tired of the tedium of socks. Already I've started messing with ribbings to ease the boredom. Almost there. I'm still hopeful.

I already have the next knitting project picked out for a friends Montessori Schools annual fund raiser. It isn't until February but I want the deadlines finished with so I don't have to stress them. Then I have a quick hat project for me to use up some left over sock yarn that matches my eyes before I tackle my own sweater. I was very frustrated to find out that I don't have enough of either of the yarns I set aside for either of the sweater projects I was hoping to do. Grrrrr.. Good thing one set of yarn I didn't pay for and the other set of yarn I paid about 25% off sticker for. I'm sure I can find something to do with them. Maybe a nice vest and a shawl? They're both beautiful fibers. One is a wool/possum blend from Zealana and the other is Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed. Both in great neutral grayish beige tones. Alas, I will find something to weedle down the stash with.

Well, I better get the apple cobbler and ice cream together for dinner with the in-laws... Is it bad that I drank half a bottle of wine this afternoon while carving the first Jack O'Lantern of the season to prep for tonights dinner? Ahhhh, family. And the holidays aren't even here yet.


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Good luck with the socks. I"m glad it is you and not me knitting Christmas gifts. Socks make such lovely gifts.

MMario's picture

punkin seeds!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Yes indeed. One of myy favorite things on earth. I always try to buy them out of season and they never live up to my own home roasted fresh out of the pumpkin seeds.

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LOL...I'm in my second season of knitting...having finished up summer 2011, and now in fall 2011. :-) I agree...they're all knitting season!

And...yes. It's definitely okay that you finished off a half bottle of wine while cooking! DID put that in your cooking didn't you????? :-)

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Well I did drink and eat pumkin seeds at the same time. Does that count for putting it in my cooking?

That counts on MY score sheet. I havn't had punkin seed for years and years. Brings back good memories.

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I'm surprised the pumpkin didn't look as if it had half a bottle instead of you. [Just kidding....don't throw punkin' innards at me---unless they are already toasted. Yum!] Sorry to hear that the yarn isn't enough for the sweater; both are quite nice. Vest and shawl sound great. The photo of Smudge is delightful, even if the other kids don't think so. And, most of all, "Thank You very much, kind sir." for the reminder about the Montessori fundraiser...I totally forgot about it. Better get thinking on what to donate.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I haven't had toasted pumpkin seeds since the second world war! My mother used to toast them for us during air a treat.
I'll have to get my son to toast some for me...

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Why wait for him? I'm sure a neighbor has a pumpkin that they don't mess with the seeds. It's a lost art I tell you. A lost art. Reclaim it! Obviously I have passion for my seeds.

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You can't get much cuter than the shot of the dogs on the front stoop with the Jack O'Lantern!!! The Christmas socks are looking great! I've never tasted roasted pumpkin seeds...What do they taste like? (and if you say pumpkin seeds I'll carve YOU...LOL)

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Ummm. Well, hate to say it but yeah. I know of nothing else comparable. I can say your spice choices can ruin them. They are not bold flavored so you can be overbearing with the spices.

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We used to have an oil stove with a warming tray...which was perfect for roasting seeds - it toasted them but if you left them in it didn't burn them.... we did squash or pumpkin - and they were always fantastic!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation