New Stitch-A-Day YouTube Channel

Hi guys, especially the newbies out there. I have been watching the site


grow now for quite some time. I've had some good chats with the owner of the channel and he is a terrific guy. His wife is a designer or model, can't remember which, and he is the knitter. I really like the clarity of his tutorials and have learned a lot about it. I am considering doing a feather and fan lace for a baby blanket and sure enough, he has that demonstrated on the channel.

There is also a corresponding Web site


Check him out, he's really good and has great up-close shots and he doesn't let his hands get in the way of your viewing.



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Awesome find, Mark! Thanks so much for that! I purely love that it's a guy doing these how-to-knit videos. Thanks so much!

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He's alright. But that go*&da^n awful music has to go! Best watch these with the sound off... you'll still get what you need to know. Really, that guy has to learn how to produce better videos. But, at least, it's something.

Hey Mark thanks for the plug! Glad you've found the site useful.

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Very cool, Mark and Johnny! Thanks to you both for sharing!