Rhinebeck - In Pictures

My weekend at Rhinebeck was fantastic! I went both days with dear friends from MWK and the Men's Knitting Retreat that were staying at my house and we had a great time. Dave, Will, and Jeff, thank you for coming to visit and share the Rhinebeck experience with me!!!

Saturday was, well, a typical Saturday at Rhinebeck. Mobbed, hectic, and difficult to move around inside the vendor barns and in the vendor booths. But despite that we still got to catch up with lots of other guys from MWK and the Men's Knitting Retreats. Sunday was much more laid back and perfect for socializing with other fiber addicts. The downside of that is that Sunday has a lower attendance so we didn't get to see some of the guys we saw on Saturday.

Words really can't do the whole weekend much justice though, so this post is going to be heavy on pictures. Enjoy!

I spent a lot of time admiring spinning wheels

Dave spent a lot of time admiring drop spindles...

...and a lot of money on just these three!

I was really admiring this one because it has an Italian Greyhound on it, but sadly, it was a bit out of my price range for a drop spindle.

Dave and I also spent a lot of time looking around at stuff for weaving, but I'll have more to say on that in another post.

The vendor booths at Rhinebeck were loaded with yarns and fibers in glorious colors!

There are lots of unique things to see at Rhinebeck, like size 75 knitting needles...

...and a fiber addict so devoted to wool, she got a tattoo of its molecular structure.

The animal barns are always fun to visit. So many adorable sheep, goats, llamas, and alpacas!

Competition for the knitted objects entered for judging is fierce, especially for the lace!

Knitters love to wear hand knits to Rhinebeck, and I'm no exception. I finished knitting the neckband of this sweater on the way to Rhinebeck on Saturday, and wore it on Sunday. I'm really pleased with how it came out. It's the Baseball Jersey from "Knits Men Want" by Bruce Weinstein.

Sunday was indeed a perfect day for meeting and talking with people. In fact, I got to meet Bruce and show off my sweater. He really liked the yarn I chose for it. It was very nice to hear that from the man who designed the pattern.

The Ravelry meetup on Sunday afternoon was a blast and I got to meet quite a few fellow Ravelers in person. But the big hit there was Stephen West himself and it was great to be able to chat with him for a bit.

And speaking of Stephen West, I'll be leading a two session workshop at Trumpet Hill (my LYS) for Stephen's Clockwork scarf and the first session is this Thursday the 20th! Like many of Stephen's designs it's a great project for playing with colors so we'll cover a lot of color theory and how to choose colors that work together as well as the pattern and techniques involved.

I came home from Rhinebeck with quite a bit of spinning fiber. In fact, it's a little over two pounds. About as much as the Rambouillet from last year's Rhinebeck that I'm now spinning. I also got two skeins of yarn and a pair of great boot socks. The lighting in my kitchen really doesn't do the colors any justice, but it's all beautiful stuff!

There's some other stuff I got too, but I'll tell you more about that later. :-)



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Just colour me green. Tho' I have to admit - Rhinebeck is a wee bit too crowded for this guy...I don't do crowds well.

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Bill's picture

Aaron, Thank you for such a detailed report!
those of us that can't get there love reading about it...

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Very nice report and picture gallery.I wish i could have gone. I should have took advantage of the trip the kniiting shop close to me was offering. Oh well...

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Jealousy, at this moment, is named "Joe." I would've braved the crowds just for the chance to visit with you and the other fellows. Glad you had a great time and look forward to your next travelogue. Thanks for sharing.

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Another green one here! I was in New York last week and the friends I stayed with there were going! Argh! Thanks for the post and the photos!

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Great pics Aaron! Thank you so much for sharing. I love your jersey!