Penguin Sweaters

I just came across this article. It made me smile. I immediately thought to share it with our community here. Maybe somebody else has posted it but if not I figured that some of the family here would enjoy it and maybe contribute.

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The shop has announced that they received more sweaters than they can use, and ask that no more be sent. Keep it for the next spill??

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Let's hope there isn't another spill. The whole affair has been horrible for all involved, captain & crew, the wild life, the inhabitants & shop owners of the small town on the coast line and the people whose possessions were in the containers which have sunk to the bottom of the ocean.
I didn't know about this appeal so thanks, Arrow, for this story. I live here and hadn't heard it but definitely would have knitted some penguin jumpers. Othe bright side, I didn't know about the yarn shop either so now I can have a look to see what tempting items they have to sell!

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