Alice Starmore's Newest Fair Isle Knitting Book!

I've been on the waiting list on for Alice Starmore's newest book to be released. It was late to become available but finally I got my copy this past week. I hold her in high esteem for her beautiful Fair Isle knitting patterns. Her definitive book “Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting” is probably my most treasured knitting reference books (and not because I had to pay a small fortune for the out-of-print book). The two books are dissimilar in two basic ways. The first book is more of an instructional manual. This new book is s a treasury of fair isle style patterns. There are some pages dedicated to designing a knitted garment using fair isle patterning. There are also some colour photographs of some of her designs. But the vast majority of the book (111 pages out of 155 total pages) are black and white graph patterns. The patterns are divided under the following sections: Tradition Knitting Patterns – Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, South America; Adapted Patterns: Celtic, Greece, The Caucasus, Middle East, Far East; Continuing Story: Birds & Flowers, Sea & Shoreline, Inner Landscape. There is also a chapter on colour. The book is very inexpensive, only US$12.66 and it is a large size soft cover.

If you are a stranded knitting enthusiast, I recommend this book for both the pattern content and price. It can never replace her first book for instructions in this style of knitting, but it is a good resource work.

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I got mine a few weeks ago, Jesse. I's a wonderful book. Nicely arranged charts, and some I've never seen.
...and there is a new chapter, not in the original book.

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Fascinating...I didn't know that it was pending. I hope to see a copy sometime. Maybe I should recommend it to our local library.

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Got my copy yesterday - love it! Starmore is my top favourite knitwear designer, and I wasn't disappointed in this book.

Alice Starmore for president!

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Alice Starmore for president!
...actually I hope she'll have peace and quiet...she's been through enough stress in the past...(grin)

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I recently came into possession of a copy of this very book through the kindness and generosity of Bill who happily (for me) got two copies of this book in the mail instead of one.

If you’re at all into Fair Isle motifs this is a treasure book. It is page after page of charts with Fair Isle motifs from around the world. It’s called “Alice Starmore’s Charts for Color Knitting”. It’s not just Fair Isle anymore. It's global.

If you’re into color work this is a must have. But I’d have to say (even though I know precisely nothing about it) even if you’re into textured knitting as opposed to color work, I would think that these charts could inspire.

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I agree that this book could also be a great resource for textured (gansey and other) work. In this posting I used Fair Isle with capital letters as that it what the author uses. But, more and more, one sees those two words in lower case (or even one word fairisle), indicating that the original Fair Isle style has broadened its focus, interpretation and application. Colour work or stranded knitting also do well as terms to describe it. I like to capitalise the words when the design is a very traditional design. Since all my knitting wools come from the Shetland Islands, I suppose it could be appropriate on that account as well.

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