Miss A's Fabulously Long Diva Scarf

I finished, blocked, and gifted the half-herringbone fagot stitch scarf for my friend Miss A. She is the one who gave me needles and taught me the knit stitch. Laid out, it is right about 7' long. It is a simple yet attractive pattern. The yarn is Encore Colorspun by Plymouth Yarn, worsted weight, on size 10 (bamboo) needles.

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What a beautiful scarf!!! I know Miss A will love it, especially since it's from one of her understudies! :-)

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Thank you!

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Nice colour changes.

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Thanks, but it's actually marbled yarn. All I had to do was make sure my joins were in areas where the color was contiguous.

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Very nice. The blue line from the ply that runs through the yarn gives it great continuity up close.

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Thanks. I'm quite happy with the yarn. I may make another like this for myself.

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Great scarf!