Advanced Increases

I came across this on line and thought I'd share. They're symmetrical increases which would be great for knitting a sleeve in the round.

Happy viewing!


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Hey David, thanks for much for posting this - timely, too, as I've been actively looking for an increase to the Left and to the Right that you can do right next to each other without a stitch in between, so thank you!

Jonathan in DC

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Great tutorial and thanks for posting it. It was good to see that I was doing the second type of increases correctly. Moreover, I was happy to learn to how do the first set; I really like how the increases look. I can imagine using that method whenever I have increases to do. I almost always knit my sleeves from the shoulder t the cuff but it's always good to have the techniques in my knitting file.
Isn't the internet amazing? Sometimes I wonder why I keep any of my knitting reference books!
Cheers! Jesse

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Thanks for posting David! I've never seen the first set of increases she demonstrates. I'll need to try those out.