Chic-a Double Yarn Holder - Great for Socks!

I've been internet shopping lately (the only way to get good knitting supplies for us in NZ) and I came across this wonderful yarn holder; it's great for those who knit both socks at the same time (which I do). The promo advertisement says it can also be used for fair isle knitting but that would be useful only if there were only two colours used in the project. The ad say it is good for Intarsia but I don't see how that would work very well. I think it should have been marketed to the sock knitting community. I love the colour and pattern I selected. The size is 23 wide cm x 12.5 cm tall x 12.5 cm deep. The clear top has a zip to keep it closed. In the photo mine is a bit crumpled but that's because I took the picture just after taking it out of it's packing box.

Here is the description from the Chic-a website with their internet address:

This new product has the same fun styling as the popular Single Yarn Keeper, but features additional room for a second ball of yarn. Designed with Intarsia and Fair Isle knitting in mind, this yarn keeper also has two holes, ensuring that each ball of yarn is still stylishly protected for tangle free knitting

I had difficulty finding a store which had the colour I wanted and who also sent internationally. I bought mine from the very lovely people at Alpaca Direct in Idaho. Their service was friendly and prompt.

Just for fun, I've included a photo of my vintage knitting bag which is just for my sock projects and the socks I'm currently knitting. My new Chic-a holder just fits perfectly inside it.

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That's very cheerful!
I like the soft structure...I've seen similar cases that were hard plastic or cardboard. Might have to think about making one...

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Sounds like a good idea.

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Quite interesting. I have friends who use a similar container that is clear with the holes at each end rather than on top. I know they like them. I love the vintage knitting basket...I had a relative who had something similar that she used as a sewing basket, containing her latest embroidery project. Thanks for sharing.

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