Big Headed Egotist bites it at the hands of the Knitting Dieties

From AKQGuy
From AKQGuy

So the last two nights I have been working on this. I thought I had it all completed last night, bound off, wove in my ends and went to the bathroom to check out my handiwork. Then I had that moment. You fellow knitters know the moment. That heart sickening moment that you know you screwed up. I had thought as the hat grew that it was getting too long. I had exceeded 6 inches of hat body and decided to stop at four repeats of the pattern. Me, a big head?!? Well, it would appear so. My ego is bruised deeply. Okay, well perhaps not.

This morning I got up, started the lasagne sauce for tonight's feast and sat to rip out the crown of the hat and re-knit the extra repeat. I'm just thankful hat was all the was required. Now, taking pictures of the back of my own head? That was a bit more challenging. God Bless Duct Tape. I no longer have a functional tripod, so no helpful suggestions guys.

I decided after I was working on a pair of the Dreaded Christmas Socks and someone mentioned that the yarn matched my eyes that if I had enough remaining for a hat I was going to make myself a hat from it. And I did! I'm happy with the end result. I now have a replacement hat for the other "post-class hat".

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Stunning hat! Where did you find the pattern? I'd love to get a copy of it. As for the duct tape....brilliant! Duct tape and aspirin...the two greatest inventions since the wheel......oh, okay...knitting needles and yarn too. ;)


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Don't forget blue tarps on that list. As for the pattern you can find it at It's called Koolhaas.

Better yet, you can copy and paste this

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That did turn into a great looking hat, Q. Looks very nice on you. Have to admit, I never paid much attention to the color of your eyes - just noticed that green is a good color for you. Big Head? Naaawww. Wouldn't ever think that.

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Hi Q.,
Very very beautiful hat... and thanks for the link to "brooklyntweed"...

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More than happy to share.

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Beautiful job! This is such a beautiful hat and beautiful pattern. It looks so complicated but it's actually beautifully designed and it just works. Quint - I think I had the same question about whether the total number of repeats was really necessary - and it was. The colors are great too. Congrats!


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I really want to know how many tries it took to get the decreases just right. Probably one, the talented ba- genius.

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The hat looks Fantastic Q!!! I love that pattern. I have it, but have yet to actually knit it. I'm glad to have knowledge of your little road bump as I would have very likely made the same error. I just knitted a friend Jared's "Turn a Square" hat and made a similar mistake in sizing. Hat and sock lengths always seem deceptive to me. Oh, and for the record--the hat compliments your eyes VERY well!

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Hat looks great! I really like the second color for the brim. It's a nice touch and like the others have said, those colors really works well on you! It's funny, I just saw a KAL for it on Ravelry and thought, wow, I've had that pattern for a long time! After seeing yours, I think I'll join!

And guys if you happen to have an old copy of Interweave's Holiday Knits 2007, the pattern originally appeared there!

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You certainly compensated well. Nice job.

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