Gloves and Linen Stitch

Hi everyone. I just finished knitting a pair of fingerless gloves. I used some leftover yarn from other projects. I still have to weave in those pesky little ends and block them before I wear them in public. And the other thing I have been working on learning is some new stitch patterns using cotton yarn in small rectangles. The "linen stitch" has a wonderful texture and lays fairly flat (it does curl and roll slightly at the edges). I think I will make a couple of washcloths with these stitch patterns.

Anyway, the chill of late fall is here in Minnesota. Very soon I will have to pull out my heavy winter coat. Good I am ready for winter weather with my knitted mittens and hat.....Happy knitting, creating, and learning. Cullen

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I hope they keep you as warm as they look. Great work. I like the look of the linen stitch there. I may have to play with that a bit and come up with some ideas for it. Have a warm and cozy fall to winter.

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The mitts will keep you warm. They are great.

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Nice colors on the gloves Cullen! I've never knit the linen stitch before; it looks almost like a crocheted moss stitch of which I've always been quite fond. Nice work!

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Really nice work, Cullen. I've not played around with linen stitch for a long time. I may have to revisit it.

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