And So It Goes, And Goes, And Goes... You Get The Point

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Isn’t it amazing how one always forgets how slow things become when you start from a center out project and approach the outside edge? And by edge, I don’t mean I’m anywhere near the end of this. I’m merely on round 88, with plenty more to go. I just mean I’m getting to the point where I realize that this item isn’t going to be as fast I had hoped. It is a fairly intricate lace item after all. Just because you start on 8 stitches and those first few increase rows are so much fun and golly gee whiz, look at that baby grow! Then reality hits. Reality hit somewhere near round 73. But alas… I will knit on.

Because what else am I really going to do.

In an effort to stay up tonight and flip back over to night shift I went and sat in our local coffee house and knit on this. One of the other things I love doing is people watching. But, in depth people watching and intricate lace knitting don't always mesh well. Just a side note for someone else's possible future benefit.

(From here on it's useless self inspection, if you just care about the knitting stop now and save yourself. Well, there's some inspection of others but none of the fun candle lit sweaty kind that shouldn't be discussed here.)

There I was people watching and screwing my knitting up royally and observed this guy interrupt this young gal who was busy studying. He used the excuse of them having a class at the local college together to start a discussion. At first, I thought he was flirting with her and by her closed off body language I was tempted to say something, but as I watched she relaxed and they continued chatting. And let's just be honest, I'm rude and I eavesdropped. Maybe the screwed up knitting is bad karma due to it? Anyway I kind of took notice of the time as I listened and realized as I fixed another mistake and tuned back in that he had managed in just a few minutes to turn the conversation around to him. Not even on his views of their previous topic of the Chinese economy that they had started on. And then it drug on, and on. 20 minutes later they're, or I should say, he is discussing his plans after he walks away this semester with a degree. He doesn't like the job options that he can now apply for because he'll have to conform to an employer's ideas of professionalism and lose his sense of style and self. He continued in that vein but I got my head stuck around that idea. Ok... yeah I screwed up again and had to pay more attention to my hands than listening to him. By the time I got my mind out of wondering why people seem so worried that their professional lives are going to take over their personal life and sense of self and my knitting back on track, he was going on about how he's probably going to apply to UW to continue his education but he's not sure if his parents will keep paying and his grades aren't quite good enough for a scholarship because his papers don't conform to what his teachers expect. Go where you will with that. I chose at that moment to drop a stitch and in irritation looked up and over at them. By this time she had this look of adoring rapture on her face as she ogled this guy who was spinning this tale of woe regarding his college education and career opportunities battling his need for individuality and self expression. Throw that in with his post teen angst of parents holding the financial reigns and he had this girl almost drooling on his knees.I was afraid I was going to watch her embarrass herself and wondered how I could swoop in and save her. I once really drooled over someone (a story for another day) and if I can spare another that moment of ultimate withering self mortification, I will do so.

Truly though, I was amazed at this girls desire to believe this load of hooey. Then, he simply stated that he should let her get back to studying and got up and left her starting after him. I wanted to cross the room and tell her she should keep studying, keep her head down and don't worry about guys like him no matter their good looks (He was kind of cute) and worry about her own career warring with her personal identity. And I wanted to tell him that if he had this many issues maybe he should get the job and see if his parents would pay for therapy sessions instead of bleeding all over everyone he has the opportunity too. At least our therapists are paid to listen to us whine, no? Then I got to wondering. Am I cynic? Maybe I read more into all of that than there was. Both his self involved ramblings and her body posture and facial expressions. Perhaps they knew each other more than it appeared. And even as I write this I realize that I may have been right. He may have been full of bullshit and she maybe a sap, but I'm a hypocrite. After all I have a blog for God's sake. Isn't the idea of writing all this crap down for someone else to read and either agree or think I'm full of BS kind of self involved? Okay, so it's completely self involved. Then there's the big question if these are my feelings towards it. Why do I do it?

And the answer? I don't have a clue so I'm going to knit some more. Round 89, here I come you repetitive bitch.

If all else fails, stall answering the question.


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Q you're a riot! LOL. I have to admit that knitting in a public place has provided me with great "camouflage" for some nosey eaves dropping more times than I'd like to admit to! Your write up reminded me of the latest blog entry written by the Yarn Harlot I read earlier today (um...yesterday)—I just got home from a call at the hospital and I can't sleep. Hey (BTW) is that Mario's QAL you're working on?

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It most certainly is. Good Eye! Oh, and a little disclaimer. My frustrations are not due to MMarios pattern! They are due to my own random thought patterns while knitting instead of paying attention. Knitting is like driving. If it involves both hands shouldn't you're brain be involved? And my own self delusional flights of fancy regarding my own knitting prowess and speed. Mario, you rock. Hands down. No Questions. You get it... Sleep well Mill, and thanks for the yarn harlot comparison. You just made my night. This buzz will keep me going to at least dawn now.

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I was wondering if it was QAL or another of the "Queen" series....

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I know what you mean about getting repetitive. However, to me it reaches a point when it becomes a friend and as I am knitting on the sideways border I hate to see it finish because I have grown so comfortable with it. I can think of other things, listen to an audiobook, watch a soccer game etc. - all while I am spending time with an old and understanding friend.

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Oh my, Q, you did hit the nail on the head about repetiveness and the "Will this ever end?" angst of a large circular project. [Or any other big undertaking, for that matter.] Still, that shawl is going to be quite a lovely piece of knitting when finished. If I'd known you were going to the coffee shop, I'd probably have joined you for a bit. But, that is neither here nor there. And - yes - people watching is half the fun of knitting in public. Even with the occasional mistakes. I feel sort of sorry for young [or older] people who are so self-centered. Bless them, one wonders what will happen when they get the rude awakening that the world doesn't revolve around them.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I'm looking forward to seeing your finished QAL.

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coffee houses can be great, but my local shop frequently has everyone on a laptop and no conversations amongst the patrons.