My First Fair Isle

After attending a Sally Melville class 2 weeks ago, I decided to try my hand at a Fair Isle cap pattern I have had for years. I finished it last night. I love it and hope to do another color work project really soon. Enjoy the picture!

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Beautiful. I appreciate other people's color work. I myself don't care for the actual knitting of it but when done well it is so beautiful and you Sir, have done it very well indeed.

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It looks great Rusty! Your stitches look very even.

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What an achievement, good for you.

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Very nice knitting, Rusty. I don't do colorwork very often but appreciate it when well done. Enjoy.

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Not a Fair Isle fan but as Q said, beautifully done - you should be proud.

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Great Job! I love FairIsle but not so much Intarsia.

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WOW! What a great job. And your first!! You've got a gift for color work. That's beautiful!

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Congratulations on a great job! A stranded hat today - a Fair Isle jumper tomorrow... Beware, multi-colour knitting is addictive! Thanks for sharing your first project.

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very nice work. You took your knitting to a new level! love the color work.

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Thanks for all the positive comments! I often second guess my work but am becoming more and more confident with what I love to do.

BrentGC's picture it!!! I'm looking forward to taking your Fair Isle class at the SEMKR this weekend!!!!


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This is really nice and I have to agree, stranding can become addictive, I am not really sure which is tops for me ....lace work or stranded, I believe Fair Isle is having only two colours per row where stranding will have more, but I am not really sure. I just know I love working the two handed fair ilse with two colours at a time. Well done, I am looking forward to more of your work.

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I like doing a good Fair Isle project once in a while. Yours really came out excellent!

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To me, Fair Isle knitting is probably the most satisfying knitting I have done. Sometimes I just look at it, enjoying the wonder of the process and the result.

I would encourage you to do an authentic Fair Isle with 2-ply "jumper weight" Shetland wool from Jamieson and Smith or Jamieson's. You can order from Jamieson's direct over the internet but will have to purchase J&S from a shop. Even with the shipping, it cost me less to buy the Jamieson's direct some years ago.

The two yarns are different, but both are wonderful to work with. The J&S has a softer hand and has a nap that softens the appearance of the colorwork. Jamieson's will show the sts more clearly. Both will allow you to steek with confidence if you prefer the traditional construction of knitting entirely in the round. I love the method.

Congratulations on your first project.