A Finish Worthy of a Break

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My latest project... (I'm imagining a little drum roll here, just work with me, okay?)

This is the finished Queen Anne's Lace from our beloved MMario. And I would just like to state that this pattern is wonderful! It's so nicely written out Mario, thank you for sharing your genius with us. As I stated in the earlier posting regarding this piece, all frustrations and hair ripping accompanied by cussing and scaring small children was from my own mistakes, foibles and other idiotic moves and were in no way related to the pattern itself. Really, I do apologize to the parents of that three year old in the coffee shop. I hope he never uses "Son of a Whore" in polite company. Only in the privacy of you're own house. And do better than I did when my little brother stood up from his toy box and so earnestly informed me that he was "Just F'n Around". Pull you're head out of the room before laughing and try to control the facial expression before correcting their language.

I was going to originally place some African Metal Beads into the outside edge, but upon further pondering I decided that although they do not clash with the yarn, they don't compliment it either which means they would just be beads for beads sake. So I decided to leave them out. Although if I had freshwater pearls with that opalescence they have... those would have complimented nicely and set the edge off beautifully, but no regrets!

The finishing of this project actually brings me to a bit of a knitting hiatus. I have been working these hands every available minute the last couple of months and they're starting to let me know. So I will be putting down the needles for a couple of weeks. Just means more dog and gym time for me.

Now, since I have two more night shifts left to my week, I better call it a day and cuddle in with the furry lot of them for the day. Hope you all have a grand one.



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You did a wonderful job Q! The piece is beautiful and I'm in love with that color! QAL will always hold a special place in my heart, because it was my first lace project. Enjoy your respite!

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Well, for that to be your first lace work, you have certainly doven in whole heartedly!

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Lovely work. Can you tell us what you used (I, too, am fascinated with that colour) and to what size it blocked out. Gorgeous shawl.

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Well done, it looks a great shawl. Hope your hands are better soon.

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Well done, it looks a great shawl. Hope your hands are better soon.

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A most lovely bit of knitting, Q. It amazes me that you got it all done in about 1 1/2 weeks. Although I don't know why it should...you are a fast knitter and dedicated. I just poke along. Anyhow, you enjoy the break with the kids and the gym. After that shawl, you have definitely earned a break...if you want to look at it that way.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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MMario does do great work -- in his designs, but it takes the talent of a skilled knitter to complete the process of getting a finished item.

But we would like to know the finished size. It looks quite large, so that it is across a bed, but I don't know the size of the bed! What fibre content was your yarn?

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" it takes the talent of a skilled knitter to complete the process of getting a finished item"

Amen, Amen, Amen. Which is why I get such a thrill when people knit one of my patterns - and even more so when they enjoy the results!

Blocking did indeed achieve "Elegance" from "Cute".... but I'm glad you've got the before shot.....

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

Congratulations on a beautiful piece of work. Sorry to hear your hands are troubling you and hope they are back to normal soon.

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Okay... the bed is a queen sized bed if that gives you a reference. I blocked from the center pin outward making each radius measurement 28 inches so the diameter is 56 inches.

The yarn is Ella Rae's Lace Merino which is a 3queen ply light fingering. I dropped down to size 6up needles concerned my yardage was going to be tight. I ended up using probably right around 1250yds.

As for the color, the more I worked with this yarn, the harder it was to pin down. This is one of those yarns that depending on the light, the color changes a bit. Under florescent lighting it appears quitee rosy pink, under more natural lighting it takes on a peachy hue, and incandescent lighting gives purple shading.

Thanks for the well wishes regarding the hands. I have RA but this is more of a faigue issue I think. I mean I did get 8hims pairs of socks knit in a little over a month and this project off the needles in 8the days. They deserve a respite.

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Lovely. It's such a great pattern!

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Yes it is!

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So... Here the after blocking pictures. Sorry about the long shadows playing havoc on it. It's still early here.

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Just a beautiful job.

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Wow, truly impressive!

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This is lovely, everything has been said that can be said so let me just add my addoration to the long list.

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Wonderful! Jealous of you lace knitters.

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