I Made It Through Hip Replacement

Hello everyone,
First of all, a great big thank you to all of you who sent me heartwarming encouragement before I let my surgeon dig into me like an unsuspecting uncooked ham leg. The surgery was Nov. 9th and here it is a week later and all is well. While there is still pain at the incision site, the horrendous pre-surgical pain is all but a (bad) memory. Amazing.

Aside from embarrassing myself by falling asleep while biting through a bagel the day after the surgery and causing a ruckus when the nurses saw the front of my gown soaked with red .... wait for it... cranberry juice, I have been a very content and well-behaved patient. I am now walking with a can up and down a flight of 20 stairs while my physical therapist watches during my therapy sessions. I much prefer the cane to the walker, but I still use that for longer walks with no PT keeping me safe. The only upsetting thing was a 2-day bout with hiccups, which I hear is not all that uncommon after surgery because of the anesthetic. I was surprised when the Dr. prescribed the psychotropic drug Thorazine. Remember the inmates from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest? I understand that the inmates did what they called the Thorazine shuffle...walking aimless about with no goal. It didn't hit me for about two hours after I popped the pill, but man, did it hit! I told my nurse that if she found me out in the hallway talking to a wall or just standing there, gently guide me back to my room. The hiccups went away and have stayed away so far. I'm glad.

Again, all is well and all your beautiful thoughts and prayers and words of encouragement gave me a great deal of strength before and after the procedure. Pretty soon I'll be up doing the jig. I'll knit myself some rehearsal leggins just to be fashionable! Ha!

Love you guys!


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Congratulations Mark! It sounds like you had the best of surgeons and care. Get Well Soon!! Peace, Bill

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Glad to hear you're doing well!

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Hi Mark, wishing you a steady recovery! Thanks for sharing your story with us - looking forward to pics of the jig!


Think less, enjoy it more.

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Hi Jonathan,
On the Thorazine I had a flashforward and saw the dance. The pics have been destroyed. Phew!

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Thanks for the update. I am glad that you came through with flying colours. I am sure you will continue to improve. Happy Knitting!!

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Thanks for sharing this great news. I'm impressed by your progress. Prepare the dance floor!

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I'm looking for John Travolta's Dance Fever costume. Hmmmm.

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I'm so glad to see you made it through well and are already doing so good on the road to recovery through PT. Hope it just gets better and better! I understand the drug side effects. I have found narcotics and I don't mix well, especially if emotions are involved, it just gets ridiculously funny and sad at the same time. Keep up the great recovery and knitting!

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Thanks for the good wishes. I am not a fan of most narcotics. They tend to start being stacked; *another narc to offset the effects of the first narc* repeat between *. ;) It works well in knitting but not in life. The rows get all out of whack.


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I so glad you are on the mend Mark. I'm also glad you are off the Thorazine as I have also seen the terrible side effects of this drug. I would give anything to see the look on the nurses' face when they saw "the red" on your gown!

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Thorazine is wicked stuff. I wish I could remember what it looked like. I was pretty out of it, but I know that there were several hands launched toward my chest then laughter. I'm sure I just sat there and said, "What?"

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Very happy you're doing well!
...it's the power of positive thinking!
Big hug!

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Positive thinking is so important and it feels a whole lot better than working hard on negative thinking.

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Am so happy for you!

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Physical therapy isn't too bad as long as their is a pain pill an hour before and an hour after. Thanks for caring! :)

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In Turkey the catch-all wish for things like surgery, illness, or any other difficult experience is geçmiş olsun. "May it be past!" So I'm glad this went well and the worst is past you. Enjoy that new mobility!

About hiccups - An old housemate of mine was an emergency room doctor, and learned a hiccup remedy from a boyfriend who was from the rural South: Take 5 or so wooden matches, light them all at once and, when they're still flaring, put them out in a cup of water. Drink the water. He swore by it, and even used it in the emergency room a couple of times. I swear by it too - out of all the various remedies I've tried over the years, it's the ONLY one that ever works, and it works 100% of the time, even on friends who are convinced that it's "just psychosomatic." (But if it's psychosomatic, then why didn't jumping up the stairs backwards and screaming on each stair, or plunging my head in a bucket of water and taking three deep breaths, or hanging upside down off the balcony and singing the entire alphabet song backwards into a paper bag on a single breath, work?)

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I just shared your remedy with my nurse and she said that she had heard of a similar remedy based on the smoke from wood. All I know is mine subsided and it makes a world of difference when trying to sleep.

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Good news!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Mark I'm so happy you made it through well and are in good spirits!!! I'm glad to hear the PT is going well and your old pain is gone. I hope the rest of your recovery goes as well. I laughed at your thorazine experience. I've never had it, but my patients always act so loopy when I've administered it. You'll be back to yourself in no time! Big hugs,


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I'm pleased to hear all went well.

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Great news, Mark. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery. Break out the dancing shoes. Just don't wear yourself out the first night. ;-)

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I'll compromise....foot tapping.

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Good start...then you can work your way up to all night on the dance floor.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Hip replacement is amazing these day, most of my friends that have had the procedure are actually better then new. It's great that you're progessing so quickly - you too will be better than new soon. I had the hiccup thing after oral surgery once - its no fun. Mine lasted about 36 hours and went away after fianally eating solid food for some reason. Who knows, I just hope I never have to go through that again.

Keep moving and I hope your PT isn't too much of a sadist.

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Hi Scot,
Yea, the hiccups are no fun. My PT is wonderful. She approaches the therapy like a very smart coach. Thanks for the good recovery report on your friends. I am optimistic.

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You know PT actually stands for Pain Therapy, right?

I am soooo happy that your surgery went well. I will probably have my hip surgery sometime in the next six months and your success brightens my outlook on it. Love the hiccup/thorazine episode. I will continue to send positive thought in your direction for a continuing speedy recovery!!!

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Glad to hear the good news Mark. And now you've got a bit of time for knitting during recovery. Perhaps some hiking socks or a hiking scarf?

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Hope your recovery is going smoothly. Do you have a lot of time to knit? Be gentle with yourself. The body takes a long time to heal. Happy holidays to you... Cullen

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Very happy for you! One day at a time!