Thistle Lace in thistle Noro

I am working on a scarf for my sister in law, based on the thistle lace stitch kindly sent to me by scottly. I found the same basic stitch in the Sweet Scarf on Ravelry, so the scarf I'm doing is a slight modification of that (addition of moss stitch border). I have been told that Pam likes purple, and I think this color is perfect for the name.

It is one of four projects, so I have not gotten far yet. Events in the household have reduced my knitting time. It is also a tight and unforgiving stitch, so I'm leapfrogging my lifelines ever set of stitches, which is four rows.

The yarn is Noro's Shirakaba, in color six. (Apparently Noro yarns have a number, not a color, and the dye lot is a letter.) It is being knitted on size 8 Kollage square needles, which means it is probably closer to a size 7. I am planning on doing the two halves with 1.5 or 2 balls each and joining them.

And from what I found on Monash, 白樺 (しらかば) shirakaba is the Japanese white birch.

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This is beautiful! My favorite color as too

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That's a great looking scarf! I've never used that Noro yarn before, but I love the color.

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That's a nice combination of color and pattern.

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Awsome!!! God, I love that yarn too!