Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I just wanted to take an opportunity today to give my thanks to all men who knit no matter where you are. Thank you for your devotion to the craft, for sharing your knowledge, and for supporting and inspiring men everywhere to be creative with yarn and needles. Thank you for sharing your project successes and the failures, the joy and the pain in your lives, and for being a part of this great community.

I hope you all enjoy your time today with family and friends whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not. And if you're knitting anything today, find something to give thanks for with each stitch you make and work some love into whatever it is you create!

Happy Thanksgiving!



And Happy thanksgiving to you also. Wish both of you a good day.

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I was hopping on here to do the same thing... you beat me to it, Aaron! I love my MWK family and am so thankful that we have this place to congregate, share our ideas, and support each other! Here's to a safe and happy holiday season for everyone!

Happy Knitting,



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Thanks Aaron - happy Thanksgiving to you too and everyone else. I'm just sitting here trying to decide if I want to bring knitting with me to the feast. I probably will. :-)

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Thanks to you Sir. I'm thankful for this little slice of eden to come to for a quick break as i scramble from my set of night shifts to fix the feast. I have he pie and rolls done, the bird is stuffed with my families wild rice stuffing and in the oven. Next up is the roasted veggoes for the mash and chopping fresh green beans ans cranberries! Have a great day with your families today men, no matter where you hail from.

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Happy Thanksgiving! We all have plenty to be thankful for and for that, today we celebrate...God Bless You All! Peace, Bill

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I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. May the new year be full of love and many Blessings.

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