Harry Potter Illusion

Just a quick post before I head into work this Black Friday. Earlier in the week I finished the Harry Potter illusion project I've been working on. I stumbled across the pattern for this project a while back and thought it a fantastic idea: what better way to commemorate the magic of Harry Potter than by a "magical" knitting project. I absolutely love sharing this project with people. I make them look at it directly at first and the reaction at seeing a striped product leaves them unimpressed. But then I tell them to look at it from the bottom at an angle and the image of Harry Potter wielding a wand magically appears out of nowhere! I have already been asked to make more for several friends.

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This is wonderful, I believe it is called shadow knitting but I am not certain. You have done a wonderful job!!!!!

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Wow! Fabulous! Especially love it as I am a Harry Potter fan...Loved the books and the movies.

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Wow, that is cool. I love Harry Potter too. I am just making my second Weasley Sweater as a Christmas present. I'm definitely going to take a look at this.

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I was just thinking I would make a Gryffindor scarf, but this might be what I should do with it instead. Not sure... I typically go for simplicity in knitting that I'm doing for myself. If only there was a way to do the illusion without having such small stripes.


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Thomas, since each stripe is a garter stitch rib, it is made of two rows of knitting, so you should be able to use bulky or chunky yarn and make them bigger but not lose the pattern. Otherwise, take television as simile for this. The more small lines you have, the better and sharper the picture. Bigger stripes are probably possible once you understand the concept, but you lose resolution in the process.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Yeah, I knew this... Just wishful thinking, you know? I'd probably be the person who would choose to do this pattern in fingering or lace weight, just to maximize the pixels. Plus I like knitting with light weight yarn.


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I've seen illusion knitting done in monotones - but it becomes much harder to see the image - and I imagine broad stripes would make it even more difficult.

But hey - sounds like a good "research" project....

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Yeah, "research" that's it.

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very cool! where did you get the pattern?

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Magical! Beautiful job! That's something to take pride in, for sure. Awesome job.

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Wow, I want to try this technique soon! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the feedback guys! I have heard this technique called both illusion and shadow knitting. I got this particular pattern from WoollyThoughts.com. It's surprisingly simple to do, which is half the fun when showing people: you can make them believe it was far more difficult. If you haven't stumbled across WoollyThoughts.com yet, please check it out. They have some pretty interesting stuff on there

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Wow that is great.
I want to try and do this, as soon as I get up the nerve.