Another Use for Clogs??

Our 15 year old Blue Burmese kitten, "Little Dorritt", has taken up residence on our clog collection. She has spent the last week sleeping on them and gently pushing them out of shape. Fortunatley it has been over 30 deg C here for the last two days and we have had no need for warm footwear.


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That's adorable!

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Would that be a great project to do! A felted cat bed! Hope that the cat gives them up for you to wear this winter! (boy would hate to see that cat fight)

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Silly person. Just because the feline that owns you allows you to occasionally use THEIR clogs on your feet you don't really think that that is the primary purpose of the clog, do you?

oh, how deluded.

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Yes, your cat is telling you that she wants a felted bed of her own. Until you get one for her, she is going to use these slightly uncomfortable things you made for her, no matter what you think!

Here are some links to good places to get you started: (Cat Bordhi’s book) (free pattern) (pics of a happy cat)

"Little Dorritt" will thank you for this.

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Thanks guys, for your replies and for the links to the 'felted cat bed'. Also thanks from 'Dorritt' as she can't type, although she does try some times!!. I will have to knit two as we have two pussies and they will fight if I don't do one each!!! This is an ideal project as summer is here in Oz and sweaters and other woolly bits are no longer needed. Will post a pic when I get them done. Which will be when I have finished the curtain sewing, painting, painting and more f-----g painting that my partner has lined up for me!!