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Here is a scarf I design to go with the short row hat pattern I like doing so much

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Both hat and scarf are beautiful. Is the lace worked out from the ends?

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Hi Ron I knit the lace ends seperately and mattress stitched them on, the stitches are garter so there really is no rs or ws.

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What a great scarf and hat. I love the scarf, Where did you get that pattern? Thanks, Bill

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The scarf is my own design, I ran across the basket weave stitch in the book "Best of Interweave", it was a sweater but I liked the stitch so I adapted it to a scarf, the lace ends I found in an older book by Barbara Abbey "Knitting Lace" published in 1974.

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Very nice knitting. That scarf compliments the hat perfectly, yet could stand alone. Great work.

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