Just another

Just another quilt to show until I get my first knit project finished.

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It looks like a Zen garden. Beautiful.

I hadn't thought of it, but you maybe right. The quilting lines could be gravel. I named it after an old song" Pastime Paradise". I think I've seen that lion in Chicago. Thanks so much.

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Thanks again, and hope I can do as well with knitting.

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A quilt, you say? Looks more like fine art to me. Astounding! And astoundingly beautiful! Can't wait to see what you get up to with the knitting sticks and yarn...

Than you very much. Hope I can be as good at knitting. You made my day. Thanks again.

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Just amazing, I too cannot wait to see your knitting

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Ooooo so pretty!!!! How big is it? Is it for anyone in particular? I have about 20 quilt tops left to me by my great-grandmother when she passed, theyve been sitting in a cedar chest for 10 years. My mother tried to get into quilting some time ago, bought the quilting frame (one of those "build your own") but alas never finished it. That may be something I need to learn to do next!

I guess I should say wall hanging as it's only three feet by four.
You should try to quilt seeing that you have use of a frame.
All you have to do with the tops is get some batting and backing and get to it.
I have enjoyed doing it for years but now I want to knit.
p.s. Bet the quilt tops smell good from being in a cedar chest for so long.
It would be a nice gift to other members of your family.

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Very nice. I like the Zen garden someone referenced. It certainly has that feel to it.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

I hadn't thought of it till a member said so. But I quite agree.
Thank you.