Cowl for my sister

Just finished a cowl for my sister. Used the pattern Elis (free pattern on Ravelry)...took a few tries to get the indian cross stitch correct, but I am pleased with the results. Here is a pic of it while blocking...looks better draped around the neck. Hope she likes it!

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It looks wonderful! I'm sure she will love it.

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This really is nice, I really like the cross over stitch

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Looks good, I've never seen that Indian cross stitch before.

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That is a beautiful piece od work. I also havr never seen the indian cross over stitch but with your color it is a quiet classixly elegant piece. I bet she loves it.

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I really like the Indian cross stitch you used. I haven't seen this a lot. Good job. I'm sure your sister will like it. Happy knitting and creating. Cullen

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That is some of the best Indian crossover work I've seen for a long time. With that particular shade of white, it works perfectly. Lucky sister.

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Pat yourself on the back, you sis is gonna love, love, love it.

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wow - great stitching and color choice. looks fantastic!

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I was so impressed I got the pattern, started it Sunday and finished it today Tuesday. Thanks so much, it was a joy to knit.

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Hi Paul,
I really like the design, so interesting and different; a real eye-catcher. I have been looking for another gift for my wife and I think this is it! I just went to Ravelry and found it. Thanks.