Great Aran sweater mystery

My son gave me a sweater this week. It's a "hand me up" as he has outgrown it. His mom bought it for him at the thrift shop. I really love this sweater. It's 100% wool made by Carraig Donn in Ireland. I've looked at a lot of Carraig Donn sweaters online, and I've never seen anything quite like this. It seem to have every stitch pattern ever used in Aran sweaters, including a few that I'm not even sure how they did.

It was made flat, front, back and sleeves separately, then seamed together. Interesting cuffs and waistband. They're stocking stitch so they roll, but also stitched down at the seam to keep them rolled I guess.

Only thing I can guess about this is that it's an older design that they don't make anymore. All the current ones on their web site are much simpler designs, with cables and such, but nothing in this league.

Thought you guys might be interested, and if anybody can tell me anything about it, I'd love to hear.


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WOW! ...that's beautiful, Michael!
...and considering it's history...thrift shop and your's in beautiful condition! (grin)

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Definitely Bill. I would consider it my life's work if I could make something like this. The complexity is amazing.

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I'm working on some knitting for my son for Christmas...Last Christmas I discovered he was bigger than I I've knitted some additional fabric for the waistcoat I'm making him...hope to fit it this Christmas...(grin)

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Beautiful Aran.

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Very nice Aran, Michael. I wonder if it was a custom piece? Great gift. As well as a source of inspiration...just pick a pattern and have a go at reproducing it.

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